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Already at a very young age Huub came in contact with the sport of pigeons flight. At the age of 5, he sat on al small bench en waited for the pigeons of his neighbour, Pierre de Bruijn, to arrive from their flight. When his neighbour passed away in 1977, the Hermans family build a small loft at their own courtyard and Huub became a member of P.D.V. de Adelaar at his residence Born.

During the annual organized youth show of the C.L.B. v. P. in 1982, Huub won two orders from the champions loft off Thei Bours from Elsloo and Lei Zinken from Sittard. Both these players gave him a couple of brilliant pigeons and almost his entire loft is foundered on them.

hei Bours and Huub developed a very special friendship and still every year Huub gets more pigeons from Thei Bours, so it’s not so strange that almost Huub’s complete loft is build on the pigeons of Thei. From this grandmaster Thei, Huub has offspring from almost all 25 provincial winners. Thereby Thei has provided Huub with lots of advice and good counselling throughout the years.

The last years several brothers and sister of the Natascha, best pigeon on the middle distance of the Netherlands in '96 (also Olympic pigeon Basel '97). The Natascha was also a full sister of the Ricardo, 4th best pigeon on the middle distance of the netherlands in '96. The Ricardo is now one of the superbreeders on the loft of Mike Ganus (United States).

In 2007 and 2008 bought Huub several direct pigeons from Pieter Veenstra ( such as three halfsisters and 1 halfbrother of Mr. Blue, a direct son and daughter of Prima Donna, the nestbrother of Davinci and 3 direct children of Mr. Blue ), 7 grandchildren of "De Kleine Dirk" (G & C Koopman) and 7 grandchildren of "de Kannibaal" (Dirk van Dijck). The first breedings products of those last lines seems to be very excellent, when you see the results of them.

Although Huub with his 46 years of age is a young fancier on the sport, he has been active with pigeons for al long time. It’s impossible to look after al the pigeons by himself, he has got a fulltime job as a  network-administrator at the municipality Leudal. Without his wife Diana and his mother Mientje, who lives at the same address, it had never been possible to become such a successful player as he is now.

So it can be said that the Hermans family is in it completely!

1st General Championship Afdeling Limburg 2015 (2000 fanciers)
1st General Championship 2015

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Championpigeons and 1st Price Winnars 2014

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Championpigeons and 1st Price Winnars 2013